Village Manager

The Village Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Village and is responsible for the management and operation of all the affairs and departments of the Village. The Manager is appointed by the Village President and the Board of Trustees. As the administrative officer, the Manager’s responsibilities include the management and control of all matters and things pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the properties of the Village and of all the departments of the Village. Specifically, but not in limitation of the above, the Village Manager’s duties include:
  • Hiring, suspending or removing employees, as set forth in the personnel policy manual
  • Authorization to purchase all materials, supplies, and equipment for which funds have been provided in the budget
  • Routinely attend all official meetings of the Board of Trustees and such other meetings as the Board requires and attend and participate in all committee meetings, meetings of task forces, workshops, and meetings of the Boards and Commissions. The Village Manager has the privilege of taking part in discussion of all matters coming before the Board and makes recommendations on all matters under his purview
  • Investigation of all complaints in regard to administration, operation and activities
  • Keeping the Village Board currently informed on matters of policy and legislation that relate to Board responsibility
  • Preparation of the annual budget
  • Consolidation, combination, or reorganization of the positions, divisions, or units of departments under his jurisdiction consistently with other ordinances of the Village
  • Preparation and presentation to the corporate authorities financial statements which shall show, according to accepted accounting practices, the financial state of the Village
  • Issuance on behalf of the Board all licenses and permits not otherwise provided by ordinance or statute
  • Performance of other duties as may be required by the Board consistent with the ordinances and statutes of the state of Illinois
  • Keeping advised on all public improvements within the Village
  • Preparation of all agendas for Board meetings, with the advice of staff

Mission Statement

The mission of the Village of Wheeling is to provide public services that support the evolving needs of, and improve the overall safety, health, and welfare of, our residents and businesses.

Patrick Horcher, Village President
Jon A. Sfondilis, Village Manager

Vision Statement

The Village of Wheeling is a community where individuals and families want to live and businesses are encouraged to succeed. Core services provided by the Village of Wheeling support residents and help businesses to maximize their potential.

Patrick Horcher, Village President
Jon A. Sfondilis, Village Manager