Burglary Prevention Tips

Burglars don’t like to make noise, they don’t like to be seen and the harder you can make it for them to get into your home, the better. Ways to achieve this include:
  • Alarm Systems (noise makers that summon police)
  • Trimming your landscaping down to 3 feet for bushes and up 7 feet from the ground on trees (so the burglar is more likely to be seen)
  • Upgraded (more expensive) deadbolt locks with at least a one inch bolt
  • Latch plate for the deadbolt secured with 3 inch screws
  • Lock your windows and doors when you are not home
  • When you leave home, leave a loud TV or Radio on (loud enough to be heard from the front door)
  • Many burglars will knock first to see if anyone is home. When someone answers the door, they will have some excuse to be there (ex. they are looking for someone else and have the wrong house, etc.). If someone unexpectedly knocks on your door, DO NOT open the door but DO let them know you are home, by speaking to them through the door. If it is even remotely suspicious, call police immediately with a good description of people and vehicles.
  • Close your blinds so that burglars can’t see into your residence
  • Dogs are an excellent deterrent-most burglars do not want to tangle with a dog
  • Get to know your neighbors. Concerned neighbors watch out for each other and burglars avoid those neighborhoods. .
  • Consider covering your garage door windows so a burglar can’t see that no cars are present (meaning no one is at home)
  • Keep outside home lighting on all night.  The cost to operate the lights is minimal compared to the crime deterrent effect it creates.
  • When leaving the house for an extended period of time, put interior lights on timers.
  • Going on vacation? Make sure it doesn’t look like you are on vacation! Let your neighbors know so they can watch your house and get your mail. Suggest that they park their cars in your driveway and put garbage out for you on garbage day. Make sure you arrange to have your snow shoveled or your grass cut as well. The Wheeling Police Department does free vacation watches. To schedule a Vacation Watch, click here: Vacation Watch Sign Up
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The Wheeling Police Department provides free Security Surveys for residents that wish to have the safety of their home assessed. Contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 847-459-2994 with any questions.