Consumer Fraud

  1. Automatic Debit Scams

    Fraudulent telemarketers have found yet another way to steal your money, this time from your checking account.

  2. The Cooling-Off Rule

    The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC') Cooling-Off Rule gives you 3 days to cancel purchases of $25 or more.

  3. Credit & Charge Card Fraud

    The cost of credit and charge card fraud to card holders and to card companies alike was $864 million in 1992.

  4. Fraud Prevention Tips & Links

    Find tips to help prevent fraud and who to contact if you find yourself affected.

  5. Prize Offers: You Don’t Have to Pay to

    If you receive a letter or phone call with a message indicating you have won a fabulous prize, be skeptical about the value of these "fabulous" prizes.