Patrol Division

Patrol Unit

The Patrol Officer is the most visible member of the Police Department. Assigned to motorized patrol in marked police vehicles, officers of the Patrol Unit provide emergency services to the community 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The Patrol Unit is directly responsible for the protection of life and property, prevention of criminal activity, preliminary investigation of offenses reported by the public, apprehension of criminal offenders, investigation of traffic accidents, and continuous preventative patrol of the community.

K-9 Unit

The Wheeling Police Department’s K-9 Unit currently comprises of Officer Robert Czopek and his German Shepard partner, Kane.  Kane was born June 12, 2021 in the Czech Republic.  Upon being selected and brought to the United States, Kane began pre-training for police work at the “TOPS for Dog Training” kennels in Grayslake. Kane was later teamed with Officer Czopek, who while working together completed certifications in narcotics searches, tracking, area searches, building searches, and handler protection before graduating TOPS K-9 Academy in November 2022.  Within a month of active service Kane made his first drug bust, resulting in the seizure of a significant amount of cocaine and cash.  A second KP Unit was recently added - Officer Anthony Guzzarde with his partner Locke.

Recently approved Federal grant assistance, will see the Wheeling K-9 expanding through the addition of another dog in the coming year. Meanwhile, you can meet Officer Czopek and K-9 Kane at Wheeling’s National Night Out event or at one of the many other demonstrations performed throughout the year.


Traffic Unit

The Primary functions of the Traffic Unit are selective enforcement of traffic regulations and investigation of serious traffic crashes. Additionally, the Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic engineering studies, review of development plans for traffic issues, coordination of pedestrian and traffic safety programs, and planning related to traffic movement and safety. The Traffic Unit can be reached at 847-459-2615.
Police Speed Limit Sign

Community Service Officers

The main objective of the Community Service Officer Program is to provide assistance to sworn personnel. They are required to assist the general public with requests for service which do not require a sworn police officer. Some of the duties include:
  • Signing complaints and issuing citations for violations of the Wheeling Municipal Code. Animal complaints/investigations which include stray animals, animal abuse, setting humane traps, and apprehending and transporting impounded animals to the pound.
  • Assist with traffic control.
  • Complete tasks assigned by supervisory officers to allow orderly administration of the police service.