Planning / Training / Research / Records


This unit is necessitated by the complex demands of modern police service which acknowledges the necessity of providing police services in the most efficient and effective means possible. The supervisor of this unit is assigned on a full-time basis. Some of the functions of this unit include:
  • Coordination of all internal and external training requirements and maintenance of training files. This includes Roll Call training, Field Training, and ongoing in-service training for department personnel
  • Development of operational plan and strategies
  • Research and preparation of budgetary proposals
  • Development of operational procedures and policy guidelines
  • Presentation of such other studies analysis, or assignments as designated by the chief of Police or Deputy Chief of Police


The Wheeling Police Department administers and maintains a police records system which efficiently, effectively and accurately records and processes reported complaints/calls for police services. This unit utilizes police records management computer software to record and retrieve information which aids in the investigation of crimes; the planning of selective enforcement and preventative patrol; and assists the Department’s Command Staff in reaching decisions regarding department staffing levels and utilization of other department resources. The Records Unit is supervised by a Supervisor and 4 full-time personnel.

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