Real Estate Transfer Stamp

Effective August 24, 2015, anyone who sells or transfers real estate must present the original deed at the Finance Department counter for a Real Estate Transfer Stamp to be issued. All water, sewer, garbage fees and penalties related thereto must be paid in full before a Real Estate Transfer Stamp is issued onto the original deed.

Who It Applies To

The requirement to obtain a real estate transfer stamp applies to all property owners in Wheeling including condominium owners who pay for water, sewer and garbage service indirectly through their monthly assessments. This requirement also applies to refinance, quit claim deeds, and transfer of ownership to a trust (Section 15.10 of the Wheeling Municipal Code (PDF))

Notice for Final Meter Reading & Stamp Issuance

There is also a requirement for the seller to give the Village of Wheeling 10 business days notice before the scheduled closing to allow sufficient time to obtain a final meter reading and issue the Transfer Stamp. An Application for Real Estate Transfer Stamp (PDF) is also available at the Finance Department at Village Hall. A completed application (PDF) may also be faxed to 847-459-9692.

Final Readings

Residents moving into the Village need to contact Michaela at 847-459-2607 to schedule a final reading and ensure proper registration for water services. Sellers should be prepared to provide their forwarding address and the final reading date. Buyers must provide new resident registration information. If registration is incomplete, water service may be discontinued.