Other Permits

Non-Substantial Improvement Floodplain Development Permit

When existing building is located within the flood plain (as known as Special Flood Hazard Area), any structural alteration to an existing building that either increases the first floor area by more than 20% or the building's market value by more than 50% will not be granted without bring the entire structure into compliance with the substantial improvement provisions of the Wheeling Municipal Code. 22.06.500. Access the Floodplain Permit Application (PDF) to get started.

Site Alteration Permit

A Site Alteration Permit (PDF) embodying the proposed earth movement shall be obtained from the Engineering Department before land is cleared, graded, transported or otherwise disturbed by the movement of earth for purposes including, but not limited to, the:
  • Construction of buildings
  • Construction of roads and streets
  • Development of golf courses
  • Mining of minerals, including sand and gravel
This is required when work is done by any person within the Village and where development comes under any one or more of these provisions, unless such development is exempted there from by Section 20.02.020 of the Wheeling Municipal Code.