New Construction

Residential Homes

  • Single Family Homes require 4 sets of prints.
  • Condominiums, Townhomes and Residential Developments require (5) sets of prints, one soil boring, executed building permit application and two up-to-date plats of survey indicating area of proposed construction drawn to scale.
  • Provide accurate distances from property lines and setbacks for all proposed work.
  • All areas of the permit application (PDF) must be completed for Single Family additions (including the existing and proposed square footage).

Commercial Buildings

Commercial/Industrial buildings require:
  • 2 sets of soil borings
  • 2 up-to-date plats of survey indicating area of proposed construction drawn to scale
  • 5 complete sets of building construction documents prepared and certified by the appropriate professional
  • Executed building permit application

Document Information

All new construction documents must include certain Information.


An Appearance and Site Plan Review is required for architectural, lighting and landscaping designs of all structures other than custom-built residences prior to issuance of construction permits. Forms are available in our office.


The following must be shown on the title page:
  • Architects Reproducible Seal, Signature and License Expiration Date
  • Area of manufacturing
  • Area of office space
  • Area of warehouse
  • Building height
  • Index of drawings
  • Occupant load
  • Total building area
  • Total site area
  • Type of construction ICC (2018 Edition)
  • Use and Occupancy Classification ICC (2018 Edition)
  • Zoning district (Village of Wheeling Title 19)