Deck Permit Requirements

  • A completed permit application along with a copy of your plat of survey showing the exact location and size of the proposed deck must be submitted for review.
  • 2 sets of drawings of the proposed deck, including sizes and quantity of materials being used must submitted.
  • Provide positive drainage away from the house.
  • The ground under the deck shall be designed to be weed free. The drawing submitted for the deck permit shall include a weed barrier such as a plastic or "Visqueen" sheet, with ballast of at least 2 inches of gravel. If the deck is high enough above grade to allow grass to be mowed and trimmed, then grass is allowed below that area of the deck.
  • All support posts must be 8 by 42 inches below grade concrete piers.

Required Deck Inspections

  • The pier or post holes must be inspected before they are filled to assure the 42 inch minimum depth.
  • Framing inspection prior to deck installation.
  • Final inspection upon completion.

Scheduling An Inspection

Call 847-459-2620 24 hours in advance for scheduling all inspections. If you belong to a Homeowners Association, a letter of permission for installation is required by the Village if required by the Association.