Construction Regulations & Inspections

The following rules and regulations have been compiled so that contractors working in our village will be aware of the Village of Wheeling requirements for inspections.

Construction Hours

Hours when construction is allowed are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Wheeling Police Department will issue tickets for any construction work being done outside of these hours.

Projects Involving Site Development

A meeting at the site is required before construction of any type is started.
  • All trees that are to be saved must also be clearly marked and protected.
  • The site boundaries must be clearly marked.


To schedule this on-site meeting, please call the Engineering Division of Public Works at 847-459-2620. No site work of any type is to start until after this meeting.

Building Inspections Required

  • The superintendent in charge of the construction shall call for all inspections, and must be present at the time of the inspection to sign the inspector's field inspection report.
  • All footings will be formed and rebars in place, if any, before the inspection is made. After inspection reports have been received and approved, the job may proceed. Concrete shall not be on site until approval has been made.
  • All foundation walls must be formed and rebars in place, if any, before the inspection is made. When inspection field reports have been received and approved, the job may proceed.
  • After the forms are removed from the foundation walls, a spot survey is required indicating the location of the building on the lot and the elevation of the top of the construction wall. Upon approval by Community Development Department that the foundation wall is properly set on the lot, the work may continue.
  • All underground work such as plumbing, electric, heating and drain tiles must be inspected. Signed field inspection reports must be given before any backfilling.
  • If there is a sanitary sewer under the floor a water test is required before the concrete floor is poured.
  • When the above is finished, compacting of fill and laying of mesh and vapor barrier can be completed and inspection called for. When inspection of all trades involved has been completed and signed field inspection reports received, the slab may be placed.
  • Carpentry-rough, electric-rough, mechanical-rough, and plumbing-rough are inspected at the same time and before any firestopping and or insulation is installed. After all inspections are approved and signed field reports have been received, the work may proceed.
  • Residential construction - Firestopping and Insulation Inspections - After the insulation is installed and before any sheetrock is installed the insulation and firestopping must be inspected and approved. You are also required to schedule a preliminary site inspection with the Engineering Department at this time.
  • Ceiling inspection will be made after channels are installed, lights installed, HVAC defusers and sprinkler heads dropped. When report sheets are signed and approved, the ceiling tile may then be installed.
  • A final inspection is given when all work is 100% complete, which includes interior and exterior site work. This inspection will be for the certificate of occupancy.
  • The building may be occupied only after a certificate of occupancy is issued, a water meter is installed, and a business license issued if required.

Business License

A Business License should be applied for as soon as possible to avoid delay of the move in and occupancy of the building.


All inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Twenty-four hour notice must be given to the Public Works Department (847-279-6900) for water meter pick-up. Please note that we have individual inspectors for most of the trades, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil engineering (Public Works). It is the construction superintendent's responsibility to ensure that all of the appropriate inspections have been inspected and approved prior to continuing the work. Your cooperation will help speed up inspection time and reduce time delays caused by improper scheduling of inspections or reinspection.

Schedule an Inspection

Please call 847-459-2620 to schedule all building and engineering inspections.

Facilities & Fencing

Please note that toilet facilities must be available to the workers throughout the duration of the construction project. Construction Site fencing may be required prior to commencement of work at the discretion of the Building Director.

More Information

For more information on construction regulations and inspections, call 847-459-2620 or contact Engineering at 847-459-2620.