Automotive Items

Effective June 1, 2019, curbside residents may dispose of certain automotive materials, such as motor oil, antifreeze, waxes/polishes, cleaners, brake fluid, used oil filters, transmission fluid, windshield fluid, hydraulic fluid, vehicle batteries and gasoline and diesel fuel (must be placed in containers designed and sold for the containment and transportation of fuel 10 gal. max) through the Waste Management (WM) At Your Door Special Collection Service. Please visit or contact Waste Management (WM) at (800) 449-7587.

For the AYD collection, once WM is contacted, a collection kit will be sent to the resident via mail.  Residents must follow the directions in the kit for appropriate packaging and collection. If the materials for collection are not labeled, leaking, or for some reason not acceptable the materials will not be collected and a door hanger will be left with further instructions.

When the package is ready for collection, place the package outdoors, near the side door, or by the garage, on the specific, designated collection date provided by WM. Residents do not need to be present during collections, and do not place the package near the curb or street.

Tires, however, are not collected through the At Your Door Program or WM. Please refer to for information on appropriate tire disposal.