Medical SHARPS Disposal Program

The Prescription Drug and Sharps Disposal Program is held every third Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. until Noon. The drop-off location is located at the Main Police Department Entrance, located at 1 Community Boulevard, Wheeling, Illinois.

Note: The October 16th collection has been rescheduled for the following Saturday, October 23rd from
10am to 2 pm, in an effort to partner with the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.  Residents will be able to drop off their controlled substances at the October 23rd event only. Prescription, OTC medication, used sharps and eye glasses will be accepted as well on October 23rd.

If there is a winter advisory on the day of the Medication/Sharps collection, the drop-off will be canceled and will NOT be rescheduled. Do not leave items at the Police Department as no one will be available to accept the medications or sharps.  
For more information, contact Serena at 847-499-9048.

What Can I Drop Off?

Wheeling residents can drop off unwanted medications and used sharps (needles and syringes). We accept prescription and over-the-counter medications in their original containers. You must leave the label on the container. You may scratch out any personal information if you choose. no liquid over-the-counter medications will be accepted. We do not accept controlled substances such as Oxycontin and Percocet. Click here to find a Walgreen's location that may accept controlled substances.  Note: not all Walgreen's locations will accept controlled substances.
Visit the Solid Waste Agency Website to get a complete list of controlled medications.


Sharps must be in a designated Sharps container or a rigid container, such as a detergent bottle or coffee can. Do not use milk containers or water bottles, as needles can puncture through these types of containers. Make sure the lids are sealed tight.

We will not accept sharps that are not in a rigid container. We will not accept sharps in cardboard or card stock boxes.

New sharps containers are available through the Community Development Department Health Division, located at 2 Community Boulevard. You can also get a new container when you drop off your full sharps container.

Other Materials Accepted

At the same time as the medication drop off, the following will be accepted for recycling:
  • Eye glasses, including all frames and sunglasses.
  • Note: Batteries are no longer accepted. Some Batteries Plus Bulbs locations will
    accept batteries for recycling for a small fee.  Call the Mt. Prospect store for more information at: 1-847-818-0659.