Real Estate Transfer Stamp

Section 15.38 of the Wheeling Municipal Code establishing a Real Estate Transfer Certificate requires anyone who sells or transfers real estate to pay any water, sewer, garbage fees, local ordinance fines, citations and penalties related thereto in full before a transfer certificate will be issued.

Closing Notice

This also requires the Seller give the Village 7 days notice before the scheduled closing to allow sufficient time to obtain a final meter reading (when required) and issue a certificate once all debts to the Village of Wheeling have been paid. Please complete this form (PDF) not more than 10 days prior to closing and either mail, fax or deliver this form to the Finance Department located at 2 Community Boulevard.

Meter Reading & Money Collection

Once the Real Estate Transfer Application is received, the Village will take the appropriate action to obtain a meter reading should one be required. Final water readings are taken two days before the closing date. The seller should contact us for any monies due to the Village. The amount due may be paid in cash or by credit card, (Visa, Master or Discover Cards only) or cashier’s check or certified check. Personal checks are not accepted. Once payment is made the Village will issue a Real Estate Transfer Stamp can be stamped onto the original deed, certifying that all amounts owing by the Seller have been paid in full. Applications can be faxed to (847) 459-9692 or emailed to