Dundee Road New Signalized Intersection

General Information

Tentative Start Date: June 2016
Tentative Completion Date: November 2016
Bid Opening: April 22, 2016
Project Manager: Jon Tack
Contractor: Alliance Contractors, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount: $1,469,968.90
Funding Sources: Federal Grant and TIF

Project Information


This Project Includes:  The construction involves extensive improvements to the Dundee Road / Community Boulevard intersection, including a new traffic signal, as well as roadway widening of Dundee Road west and east of Community Boulevard. The roadway widening will require removal of substantial areas of curbing, parkway, and sidewalk along both sides of the roadway, to more or less extent. The proposed widening will not create new driving lanes on Dundee Road, but it will allow for increased lane width, making it safer and more comfortable to drive.

This is an Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) administered and managed project utilizing federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) grant funding approved by and through the Northwest Municipal Council of Mayors Technical Committee.  

Project Limits: Dundee Road at Community Boulevard

Project Schedule:
June to November

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Project Updates


Landscaping is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd.

Installation of signs, pavement markings and landscaping is expected to be complete by November 18th.

Peter Baker is scheduled to pave Dundee Road on Wednesday, November 16th.

Northern west bound lane will be closed overnight due to utility work.  Traffic signal work will continue tomorrow, including pouring concrete for the heavy duty handholes in the pavement, traffic signal foundations and other handholes behind the curb. 
The contractor will finish placing concrete at the sidewalk gaps next week, sod work will follow.  The contractor will pave the final surface course next week.  Then installation of traffic signal equipment will follow.


Leveling binder will be placed on Wednesday, October 12th, weather permitting.

Paving has been postponed to the week of October 10th due to weather.


The entire roadway section of Dundee Road will be milled 3" within the limits of this project. The placement of prime coat is scheduled for Thursday.  Ramping at all access points and Dundee Rd milling limits will be provided.   Thursday leveling binder will be placed along with temp stripping (12' lane).  This will leave the driving surface down 2" for the surface course in 1.5 to 2 weeks.

This week, concrete was placed for curb & gutter on the south side of Dundee Rd and the remaining sidewalk on the north side of Dundee Rd (except at the corners of Community Blvd where foundations need to be installed for the traffic signal).  The contractor has also been grading the parkway in preparation for landscaping. 

Next week, the contractor is scheduled to pave binder for the widening on the south side of Dundee Rd and driveways on both the north and south side.  The landscaper is also expected to start placing topsoil and landscaping later next week.  
Paving of the north side of Dundee Road is schedule for Wednesday.  Sidewalk excavation work on the south side is scheduled for Wednesday.


The curb and gutter was placed on the north side of Dundee Road, with several gaps left open at driveways to maintain access. Today the contractor will finish backfilling behind the curb and start fine grading the aggregate base for the widening.
Next week, Peter Baker is scheduled to pave the widening on the north side of Dundee Rd. Then Alliance would finish the curb gaps at driveways on Thursday.  Alliance will also be grading and installing form work for sidewalk on the north side and start removal of the curb & gutter on the south side.  Home Towne is also scheduled to directional drill conduit for the new signal next week.


Excavating and back filling with aggregate is taking place in order to widen the road to the north. This work is anticipated to be completed by the middle of next week.  Alliance Contractors will then pour curbs and pave the road to complete the north side of the road.  Lane closures are to be expected during construction hours. Work on the south side of the road will commence after completion of the north side.


The week of the 29th, the contractor plans to finish the storm sewer installations on Monday. On Tuesday, the excavation will begin for the road widening on the north side of Dundee Rd starting near Northgate Parkway and working to the east. Placement of the concrete curb and gutter will start the following week.


Asphalt binder has been installed for the new north extension of Community Boulevard. Temporary striping of the traffic lanes has also been completed and the new access for the post office is open to the public. With this opening, the previous main access has been closed. Additionally, the mail drop remains open at this time. The curb and gutter at this location, as well as other areas along the north side of Dundee Road, have been removed. The contractor is installing storm sewer along Dundee Road with daily lane closures. The post office is aware of these actions. 
Excavating and