Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Services

General Information

Tentative Start Date: April 2016
Tentative Completion Date: December 2016
Bid Opening: N/A
Project Manager: Lana Rudnik
Contractor: RJN Group
Awarded Contract Amount: $149,466.00
Funding Sources: Water & Sewer Fund

Project Information


This Project Includes:  In 2014, RJN Group performed Village wide flow monitoring and Inflow and Infiltration Analysis throughout the Village to assign a level of priority bases on backups and peaking factors to each sanitary sewer basin area.  The general plan for the Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Services and rehabilitation programs for the next five years is to focus on the Very High Priority basins and the High Priority Basins, including performing smoke testing, manhole inspections and closed circuit televising (CCTV) in each of those areas.

In 2016, smoke testing and manhole inspections on basins WHL-02/02A, WHL-05 and WHL-08 will commence first, with follow-up services including: dye testing of defects indicating possible cross-connections found during smoke testing.  Approximately 82,046 LF of sewers, 352 manholes and 997 properties exist within these basins.  RJN Group will also review televising data of basin WHL-08 completed by Public Works’ staff, approximately 38,240 LF of sewers.

Project Limits: Various locations

Project Schedule: April to December
  1. Kevin Pelli

    Engineering Coordinator

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Project Updates

RJN Group will begin smoke testing on September 2nd, 2016.  The contractor will be working on the following streets:
  • Berkshire Dr
  • Mockingbird Ln
  • Coral Ln
  • Chestnut Ln
  • St Armand Ln
  • Sarasota Dr
  • Cedar Dr
  • Willow Tr 
  • Dundee Rd


RJN Group, Inc. (RJN) is performing smoke testing services for the Village of Wheeling to identify defects in several areas with excessive infiltration and inflow.  A recommended plan to reduce extraneous inflow and infiltration (I/I) will be prepared and presented to the Village of Wheeling at the conclusion of the study.

Schedule: Anticipated Smoke testing will be conducted from August 29, 2016, through September 9, 2016.

Here is a link for more information about Smoke Testing