Small Wireless Facilities Permit

A Small Wireless Facilities Permit is required for any small cell infrastructure installation work on private property and/or in the right-of-way.

Design Standards


Required Items

  • Please submit the following items to
  • Completed Small Wireless Facilities Permit
  • Structural evaluation report for each location
  • Location work map or drawings
  • Work performed in the IDOT, Cook or Lake County or other municipality ROW must have a copy of the issued permit from those jurisdictions 


  • If requested, Village staff will provide the Village GIS utility atlas for the work area.
  • Each job site must be submitted as a separate permit.  
  • An agreement between the Village and the wireless provider must be in place before permit issuance.
  • Small cell antenna installation shall comply with design standards linked above.
  • Permit fee schedule is noted on the permit application.

Provided by the Contractor 

  • $10,000 Surety Bond
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • An annual $25.00 registration fee
All questions should be directed to