2020 Dunhurst Storm Sewer Improvements

General Information

Tentative Start Date: May 2020
Tentative Completion Date: September 2020
Bid Opening: 4/22/2020
Project Manager: Jon Tack
Contractor: John Neri Construction
Awarded Contract Amount: $955,506.00
Funding Sources: Storm Water Fund

Project Information


South Wayne Place contains the lowest elevation point in the east Dunhurst subdivision, while receiving storm water from almost the entire residential area through underground piping, but more importantly, large amounts of overland flow.   

This proposed construction project intends to complete storm sewer installation under East and South Wayne Place, as well as on a section of Merle Lane, in order to reduce overland flow, as well as redirect much of the existing storm sewer flow south to an existing 48” storm sewer pipe on the Twain School property. Redirecting the storm water flow will provide a reduction in hydraulic pressure on the intersection, not completely solving but reducing the instances and severity of localized flooding.

Project Updates

5.29.2020 -  Storm sewer installation is ongoing.  The contractor is locating and adjusting private water and sewer services as needed. 
Starting the week of June 1st, garbage pick up will start at 6:00 am.

6.5.2020 - The contractor adjusted water and sewer services.  Storm sewer main line work is scheduled to begin on Wayne Place next week, weather permitting.

6.12.2020 - Storm sewer installation to continue on Merle Lane, weather permitting.   Nicor gas services relocation is scheduled for next week on Wayne Place.
6.18.2020 - The contractor completed sewer services adjustments.  Storm sewer main line work is ongoing on Merle Lane, weather permitting.

6.26.2020 - Staff recently met with MWRD to discuss permitting requirements.   Staff expects to receive MWRD’s approval in the near future with construction to resume shortly after.

7.02.2020 -  Storm sewer installation is complete on Merle Lane.  Mainline storm sewer installation is continuing on Wayne Place.    Curb and roadway construction work will follow.

7.10.2020 - Mainline storm sewer installation is completed.  Storm sewer laterals and curb work are ongoing.

7.17.2020 - Final pouring of sidewalks, remaining curbs, concrete driveways and roadway binder patches are scheduled for late this week and next week, weather permitting. 

7.24.2020 - All underground and driveway work has been completed.  Binder installation is scheduled to continue next week.

7.31.2020 - All asphalt binder patching and clean up completed this week. Next week asphalt grinding and storm sewer structure adjustments will take place. 

8.7.2020 - Roadway milling and structure adjustments were completed this week. Paving is scheduled for the end of next week or beginning of the following week, weather dependent.

8.21.2020 - Paving and pavement markings have been completed.  Landscaping remains, weather permitting.

8.31.2020 - Landscaping restoration work is ongoing weather permitting. 

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