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The ReturnLP_ReturnHomeSafeLogo Home Safe Program is an initiative offered by the Wheeling Police Department.  Designed to allow residents to share information regarding family members, child or adult, who may require additional accommodations or services when interacting with first responders, particularly those who are limited verbally or non-communicative and have a potential for walking away from home.  By enrolling, the parent or guardian agrees to provide information such as identifying data, emergency contacts, current photograph, diagnosis and any helpful information which may assist in communicating with the participant.  In turn, each enrollee will receive an identification card and bracelet specific to the individual.  The information provided will only be utilized by the Wheeling Police and Fire Departments when responding to potential calls involving your loved ones in hopes of providing the highest level of service and accomplishing our mission of returning them home safe.  

The formal launch of this initiative was August 3rd.  We will be taking registrations in conjunction with our “National Night Out” and signups will also took place on August 21st, at the “Rock the Runway” event.  Registration is available via internet to accommodate those with other special needs as safety is paramount while we all continue to navigate this pandemic.  Meanwhile we look forward to this opportunity to meet and work with those who wish to join us in this effort!

Please contact Sergeant Giltner or Crime Prevention Officer Phil Kim if you have questions at (847) 459-2632 or vial email:,

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