2022 MFT Program


Tentative Start DateSeptember 22, 2022
Tentative Completion DateNovember 23, 2022
Bid OpeningApril 8, 2022
Project ManagerJohn Scott Mulford
ContractorBuilders Asphalt
Awarded Contract Amount$1,568,000
Funding SourcesMFT


This Project Includes: Curb & gutter replacement, sidewalk replacement, roadway patching and grind and overlay of streets.

Project Limits:  
2022 MFT Project Map

9-22-22: Concrete Contractor is sawcutting sidewalks and curbs.

9-23-22: Concrete Contractor is continuing  sawcutting and removal of sidewalks and curb and gutter

10-6-22:  DeVinci Sewer installed new storm water catch basins at the corner of north 7th street at Mayer Avenue, along with a new storm sewer inlet at 142 Mayer Avenue. DeVinci also completed several existing storm sewer rehabilitation assignments on Edgewood Drive, Prairie View Lane and in the W. Strong Avenue subdivision.  DiNatale Construction pour 63+ cubic yards of concrete today within the W. Strong Avenue subdivision, a majority of the concrete poured was curbs, along with ADA sidewalks on Meyerson Way. Builders Paving has completed the saw cutting of all asphalt perimeters. 

10-18-22: DiNatale Construction poured concrete today. Approximately 50+ cubic yards were poured on the following streets today, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, Meyerson, Prairie View Lane and Edgewood Drive. After pouring all excavated curb and sidewalk locations, DiNatale then poured all of the front fill areas, which consist of the areas between the face of the new curb and the voids in the streets.

10-24-22: DiNatale Construction completed removing all of the concrete sidewalks, curbing and storm sewer structures on the northeast and northwest corners of 12th St. to 6th St. They then proceeded to Meyerson Way, Picardy Lane and lastly, Capri Terrace. Tomorrow, DiNatale Construction will remove the remaining curb on Picardy Lane and Edgewood Drive.