2022 Sidewalk Replacement Program

General Information

Tentative Start Date:September 6, 2022
Tentative Completion Date:September 23,2022
Bid Opening:MPI Renewal April 4, 2022
Project Manager:John Scott Mulford
Contractor:Schroeder and Schroeder Concrete
Awarded Contract Amount:$80,000
Funding Sources:Capital Improvement Funds

Project Information



This Project Includes: Removal and replacement of sidewalk squares that have been displaced by more than 3/4"

Project Limits: Hollywood Ridge Subdivision


9-7-22: Contractor started sawcutting sidewalk.

9-12-22: Contractor began removing sidewalk

9-13-22 : Contractor poured all the sidewalk squares

9-16-22: Contractor performed the required asphalt patching at 2 locations. Project Complete.