Fiber Optic Installation Project

General Information

Tentative Start Date: 7-14-22
Tentative Completion Date:11-11-22
Bid Opening:2-24-22
Project Manager:Kevin Pelli
Contractor:Utility Dynamics
Awarded Contract Amount:$445,207
Funding Sources:Capital Improvements

Project Information


This Project Includes: Installing fiber optic cable 

Project Limits: Fire Station 23 to Fire Station 24

7-15-22: Utility Dynamics out of Oswego Il, is currently boring new conduit across the street from Holmes Middle School in the Meadowbrook West subdivision. Once they are done boring the new conduit within this subdivision, they will make their way east, across Wolf Rd and begin boring across the field, on the far southern portion of Holmes Middle School’s property and the homes that back up to the field, which are situated on Crescent Drive and Wheeling Avenue. Utility Dynamics will be working their way east, towards Mors Avenue and eventually to Milwaukee Avenue.

11-18-22: Utility Dynamics finished directional boring the 5" duct under the railroad tracks  on Hintz Rd.

12-01-22: Utility Dynamics pulled in the new fiber optic cable from the park to Fire Station 24.

12-02-22: Utility Dynamics pulled in the new fiber optic cable from the Public Works to Fire Station 23.

01-05-23: Ron Jones Electric connecting fiber at Fire Stations.

8-25-23: Fiber is up and running.