Economic Development

Wheeling = Prosperity and Opportunity

Wheeling is a growing and prosperous community of nearly 40,000 residents, distinguished by its balance of industrial, commercial, and residential developments. Encompassing a blend of national retailers, restaurants, corporations, and independent family-run businesses, Wheeling is known for its strategic location and access to a highly skilled workforce. Transportation and accessibility also play a big role as they are among Wheeling’s strongest assets. Nearby Interstates 94, 90, and 294 enable the convenient delivery of products, goods, and services from Wheeling to the rest of the country.

In an ever-changing global market, modern amenities for industrial tenants is highly sought after and can be found in a number of Wheeling’s newest developments.

The Village of Wheeling is dedicated to working directly with your business or development concept and making your vision a reality. This is a proven commitment as the Village Wheeling has experienced well over $300,000,000 in new development and business investment within the Village in the past four years. 

To help continue Wheeling’s prosperity and enhance our opportunities, the Economic Development Department is tasked with several initiatives and activities including:

  • Setting up existing businesses for success by ensuring these organizations have the resources and tools available to them to support their operations 
  • Working with prospective businesses find the perfect site within Wheeling
  • Assisting developers and investors locate great development and redevelopment opportunities to advance Wheeling’s adopted plans  
  • Responsibly provide financial assistance to key developments projects and businesses 
  • Market Wheeling as an outstanding community to invest in, build in and grow in
  • Partner with like non-profit groups and other like organizations to assist the Wheeling business community

See why over 800 businesses call Wheeling home.


181,000 sF SpecULATIVE  Industrial Building GOES UP IN WHEELING