2023 Watermain Replacement Project

General Information

Tentative Start Date May 2023
Tentative Completion Date September 2023
Bid Opening March 9, 2023
Project Manager John Scott Mulford
Contractor C. Szabo Contracting, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount $3,989,018
Funding Sources Water and Sanitary Capital Improvement Fund

Project Information

This Project Includes: Watermain replacement in Lakeside Subdivision

Project Limits:

WM Project Location


6-12-23: Contractor has begun milling the proposed water main trench on Lakeside Circle Dr.

6-14-23: Szabo Contracting installed 200 linear feet of water main, along with 1 valve vault and 1 valve on Lakeside Circle Dr.

6-16-23:Szabo Contracting continued installing 10" water main on Lakeside Circle Dr. 

6-23-23:Szabo Contracting continued installing 10" water main on Lakeside Circle Dr. including fire hydrants.

6-27-23:Szabo Contracting installed approximately, 240 linear feet of 10 inch water main, along with some casing pipe. Contractor also placed new gravel along some of the water main trench today. They placed gravel in the trench as you come in off of Hintz Rd and at the intersection of Lakeside Circle Drive.

7-19-23: Water main installation has been completed along Lakeside Circle Drive. Contractor will start installation of water main on side streets. These address/streets include 1401-1429 Bayside Lane, 705-719 Bayside Court, 706-720 Bayside Court, and 1400-1416 Bayside Drive.

7-27-23: Tomorrow morning at approximately 7am the contractor will be installing a new valve vault just south of 719 Bayside Court. Once complete the contractor will be installing the water main in front of 705-719 Bayside Court.  

8-4-23: Contractor will be resuming water main installation on Bayside Court and Bayside Drive on Monday, August 7th. Garbage and recycling should be curbside by no later than 6:00am for Waste Management Collections. 

8-8-23: Today, Szabo Contracting, did complete 90% of the new water main installation on Bayside Drive. Tomorrow, Szabo Contracting, will resume their work at 7:00am, in front of 1412 -1414 Bayside Drive. Residents from 1408 - 1414 Bayside Drive have received a new project notice, detailing tomorrow's planned work and the need to be removed from their driveway's by 7:00am. Once, Szabo Contracting, has completed the new water main placement and the water main connection on Lakeside Circle Drive @ Bayside Drive, Szabo Contracting, will begin new water main placement and a new water main connection on Candlewood Court at Lakeside Circle Drive. Tomorrow, there will be a temporary road closure at Candlewood Drive and Lakeside Circle Drive, beginning at approximately 9:00am. Szabo Contracting, is expecting to begin placement of the new water valve vault, along with new water main, in between 1400 Bayside Drive and 1401 Candlewood Court on Thursday, August 10th.

8-10-23: Today, Szabo Contracting, completed the new water valve vault installation at 1400 Bayside Drive. Szabo Contracting, then continued to install 100+ linear feet of new watermain, within the green space between, 1400 Bayside and 1401 Candlewood Court. Tomorrow, Szabo Contracting, will continue to install new water main within this green space, until they make their connection at 1401 Candlewood Court. Once, all of the new water main has been installed, hopefully by midday tomorrow, Szabo Contracting is planning on installing a new fire hydrant at 1401 Candlewood Court, 705 Bayside Court and possibly across from 1401-1403 Bayside Lane.  All NPTPO signage remains up on Bayside Drive and Candlewood Court, additional NPTPO signage was erected on Bayside Court and on the far east end of Bayside Lane. Szabo Contracting, did wash down the following streets down this afternoon, Bayside Ln, Bayside Ct, Bayside Drive, Candlewood Court and portions of Lakeside Circle Drive. Szabo Contracting, will once again wash these same streets down tomorrow, along with the contracted sweeper, being onsite once again, at approximately 3:00pm.

8-14-23:Today, Szabo Contracting, completed 3 new water services and buffalo box installations. The completed installations are at,  718, 716 and 714 Lakeside Circle Drive. Tomorrow, Szabo Contracting, will begin with the " short " water service and buffalo box installations. They will begin at 799 Lakeside Circle Drive and work their way towards 785 Lakeside Circle Drive. On Wednesday, August 16th, Szabo Contracting will resume with the installations of the ' long " water services and buffalo box installations, starting where they left off, which will be at 712, 710, 708 and 706 Lakeside Circle Drive. I will  know of additional addresses tomorrow. Tomorrow, everyone can expect there to be a temporary road closure, beginning at approximately 7:00am, at the corner of Hintz Rd and Lakeside Circle drive, for those attempting to pull into the Lakeside Villas subdivision off of Hintz Rd. Szabo Contracting, will be providing flaggers at this intersection, to help with all traffic control.

8-21-23: Today, Szabo Contracting, completed the water service and buffalo box installations at 648, 646, 640, 638, 636, 634 and 632 Lakeside Circle Drive. Tomorrow, Szabo Contracting, will be installing the " short " water services. Tomorrow's work, will include 2 separate road closures. The first one will be at 7:00am until approximately 11:00am. The first road closure will  be between Clearwater Drive and Cedarwood Lane. Those residing on Clearwater Drive should use Clearwater Court and Clearwater Lane to depart from their residences and out of the subdivision. Those residing on Cedarwood Lane, should expect to turn left onto Lakeside Circle Drive and go around Lakeside Circle Drive to leave the subdivision. The second road closure, will be between Cedarwood Lane and Ash Lane, those residing on Cedarwood Lane are asked to make a right hand turn onto Lakeside Circle Drive as their point of ingress and egress, those residing on Ash, Barberry and Ivy Court will need to turn left onto Lakeside Circle Drive to leave their residences and their streets to make it out of the subdivision tomorrow.

8-25-23: Szabo Contracting continued installing “ short “ water services today.

9-5-23: Szabo Contracting continued installing fire hydrants and milling the future water main trench on the side roads in anticipation of installing water main.

9-14-23: Szabo Contracting, continued with the new water main installation on Ivy Court. Szabo Contracting, will be returning to Ivy Court tomorrow to continue with the new water main installation. Szabo Contracting, is planning on completing the water main installation by the end of the working day tomorrow, within Ivy Court.

9-18-23: Szabo Contracting, will be installing storm sewer piping within Ivy Court, begin placing water main on Barberry Lane and will have a second crew beginning new water main placement on the north end of Cedarwood Court. There will be 2, road closures in affect tomorrow morning and lasting for most of the day. The first one will be staged at Ash Lane and Lakeside Circle Drive. The second road closure will staged at Cedarwood Lane and Lakeside Circle Drive.

9-29-23: This week C. Szabo spent the majority of the time installing 8-inch water main  between Bridgeview Ct and Clearwater Ln, & between Clearwater Dr and Cedarwood Ln, and Barberry Ln.

  Next week, C. Szabo plans on completing 8" water main installation between Clearwater Dr and Cedarwood Ln., starting water services on Bayside, and completing concrete restoration around Lakeside Circle. Depending on the concrete, Szabo may try to complete the patch around Laleside Cir by the end of next week as well.