Milwaukee Avenue and Industrial Lane Storm Sewer Improvement

General Information

Tentative Start Date April 17,2023
Tentative Completion Date May 31, 2023
Bid Opening February 21, 2023
Project Manager Kevin Pelli
Contractor Martam Construction, Inc.
Award Contract Amount 122,880.00
Funding Sources TIF Funds

Project Information

This Project Includes: Approximately 155 LF of 12" RCP storm sewer replacement at the intersection of Milwaukee Ave. and Industrial Lane. This replacement is necessary to repair old deteriorated storm sewer piping to ensure Industrial Lane drains freely into the Milwaukee Ave storm sewer.

Project Location:

Milwaukee Ave Storm Sewer


4-17-23: Performed saw cutting for proposed sewer replacement including PCC panel replacement on Milwaukee Ave.

4-19-23 : Martam began replacing 12" storm sewer in the middle of Milwaukee Ave working towards the west.

4-21-23: Storm sewer work is complete. Will start on concrete patching next  week.

4-24-23: Martam is pouring northbound turn lane pavement and southbound inside lane on Milwaukee. 

4-26-23: Martam is pouring southbound outside lane pavement.

4-28-23: Martam is pouring on Industrial Lane. 

5-1-23: Parkway restored with seed and blanket. Quality Saw sealed the concrete joints. Project Complete