2023 Asphalt Surface Treatment Program

General Information

Tentative Start Date:Mid June
Tentative Completion Date:July 15, 2023
Bid Opening:March 11, 2021 through MPI
Project Manager:Kevin Pelli
Contractor:Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC
Awarded Contract Amount:$ 65,920.00
Funding Sources:Capital Outlay Funds

Project Information

This Project Includes: Placement of Reclamite, Reclamite is a maltene-based asphalt roadway treatment that is applied to roadway surfaces to protect the asphalt, denying moisture infiltration and extending the period of time required before a roadway surface necessitates resurfacing.

Project Limits: 

Asphalt Surface Treatment 1

Asphalt Surface Treatment 2


6-28-23: Corrective Asphalt Materials (CAM) placed Reclamite, an asphalt rejuvenator, on the areas north and south of strong. 11th and 12th Streets, south of Strong were skipped due to permitted parking for driveway replacements.

6-30-23: CAM continued with Reclamite on the remaining streets. They plan to return tomorrow to sweep up the sand that was placed on the streets as part of this process.

8-4-23: Corrective Asphalt Materials (CAM) placed Reclamite on 11th and 12th streets south of Strong. This completes the project.