Crime Mapping (PDF) is an interactive mapping software application that allows users to view incidents and locations of crimes committed in the Village of Wheeling. This web-based application allows anyone with internet access an immediate view of village crime data. Data is updated daily and presents a detailed snapshot of crime activity within the Village of Wheeling.
There are 15 categories of crime data that are mapped. These categories are; Arson, Assault, Burglary, Disturbing the Peace, Drug/Alcohol Violations, DUI, Fraud, Homicide, Motor Vehicle Theft, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Theft/Larceny, Vandalism, Vehicle Break-in/Theft and Weapons. The categories are defined by the application and are the same for all participating agencies. Certain highly personal or sensitive crimes have not been included for viewing such as Sexual Assaults and Kidnapping. This site will always contain the last 90 days of offenses and will allow the user to customize the time frame and offense categories they wish to view.