Application & Testing

All positions for Firefighter/Paramedic with the Wheeling Fire Department are filled from an initial eligibility list that is recreated every 2 years. Notice of the testing process is posted in various local/regional newspapers, on local Cable Channel 17, and on the Village of Wheeling web page several weeks before the actual testing process begins.

2021 Wheeling Firefighter Entry Level Job Announcement

NOTE: Application Deadline is Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 4:00pm

Employment Application:

An application is available for personal pickup several weeks prior to the written examination. There is a registration/application fee of $35 payable by cash or personal check. No credit cards or debit cards accepted.

Comprehensive Written Examination:

A minimum passing score of 75 is required for the Comprehensive Written Examination. The written examination is based upon general reading, math, science, and physics.
Registration tables where people are signing up for testing

Physical Agility Test:

Candidates must show proof of successful completion of the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) from an approved agency no more than 12 months prior to taking the written examination. Currently, the CPAT may be taken at the following local agencies:

NOTE: proof of successful completion of the CPAT within the past 12 months prior to taking the written examination will be accepted from any nationally authorized administer of the CPAT process (i.e. out of state completion of the CPAT will be accepted).

The physical agility test is intended to verify an individual's physical capabilities to perform essential job functions in order to be a firefighter/paramedic.

Transfer of Scores:

Proof of successful CPAT completion will be accepted from other fire service agencies as long as the fire service agency is licensed by the International Association of Firefighter (IAFF) as a valid licensed CPAT agency and includes the required State of Illinois "ladder climb" portion. Proof of licensure of the testing agency will be required prior to the candidate taking the written examination.

Preference Points:

There is a maximum of 30 points that can be earned.

  • Veteran's Points/Military Service with an "Honorable Discharge" (requires a DD214): 5 points.
  • Education Points: College degrees from an accredited College of University, as follows:
    • Bachelor's Degree (any curriculum): 2 points
    • Associate's Degree (Fire Science or related): 1 point
    • Note: Applicant can only receive points on the highest education level received.
  • Paramedic Points: current State of Illinois license: 5 points.
  • Experience Points: applicants employed by a municipality (full-time, part-time, or paid-on-call) in the State of Illinois, as follows:
    • Any combination of Firefighter II (State of Illinois), EMT - B (National), and/or EMT - I (National): half a point (0.5) for each year of successful service up to a maximum of 5 points.
    • Any combination of Firefighter III (State of Illinois), Paramedic (National): 1 point for each year of successful service up to a maximum of 5 points.
    • Note: Applicant can only receive points on the highest certification received. Candidates requesting experience preference much submit a letter (on department letterhead) from their current Fire Chief, a copy of the associated certifications, and proof of employment (ex. payroll stub, copy of payroll check, etc.).
  • Lateral Hire Preference: applicants employed full-time by a municipality or fire protection district (State of Illinois) as “Firefighter” or “Firefighter/Paramedic” for a minimum of 2 years: 5 points.
  • Residency: applicants with verifiable proof of residency within the Village of Wheeling: 2 points.