Bicycle & Pedestrian Task Force

About the Task Force

The task force was formed in 2010 in an effort to coordinate an update to the Bike Route Map included in the Village’s 2003 Comprehensive Plan. The Task Force is an informal body with quarterly meetings attended by the representatives of the Village of Wheeling staff (Planning Division, Engineering Division, Capital Projects Division), the Wheeling Plan Commission, the Wheeling Park District, the Wheeling Wheelmen cycling club, and residents interested in bicycle and pedestrian planning. The focus of the group is planning for bicycle route improvements, though considerations for pedestrian network improvements are also discussed.


The goal of the task force is to gain consensus for a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plan for the Village. By fall of 2011, we hope to develop the map of proposed routes and combine it with a strategy for implementation that can be adopted by the Village Board following a recommendation by the Plan Commission. The objective of the planning effort is to coordinate a local bike network that serves local destinations, such as schools and parks, while connecting to existing and proposed regional bike routes in and around Wheeling.


The typical meeting format is to review the progress of the Staff efforts since the previous meeting, discuss the latest changes to the draft bike route map, and identify priority improvements to pursue within the next 1 - 5 years. All are welcome to attend.

Wheeling Active Transportation Plan

The Wheeling Active Transportation Plan (PDF) represents the combined vision and goals of the steering committee that guided its development as well as residents and other key stakeholders. Thanks to the residents and members of the steering committee for their efforts and time.

For questions about the Wheeling Active Transportation Plan, please contact Marcy Knysz, Village Planner, at 847-499-9062 or by email.

Dundee Roadside Path (PDF)

The Village Staff is working on the design of this path segment in anticipation of applying for a grant to complete the work in the near future. The segment is intended to connect with a future signal at Portwine Road, allowing cyclists and hikers on the Des Plaines River Trail to safely cross Dundee Road. The segment is just under one mile long, and would connect the existing sidewalks on the Des Plaines River Bridge and the I-294 overpass. The segment would complete the continuous sidewalk from Green Bay Road in Glencoe west to Route 53 (12.5 miles).