The Village of Wheeling encourages residents to reduce and recycle waste. The following items qualify for recycling:

Metal: metal containers and foil; No scrap metal, fire extinguishers or propane tanks.
Glass: brown, green, and clear bottles and containers; No drinking glasses, ceramics, mirrors, window or auto glass, bake ware, or light bulbs.
Plastic: containers with the following labels; PET #1, HDPE 2, LDPE #4, PP #5, #7; no bags, wrap, 6 or 12 pack rings, empty containers larger than 1 gallon (PS #6) used for chemicals.
Paper: newspapers, magazines, books, phone books, cardboard and mail/mixed paper. Corrugated cardboard must be flattened into 2’x2’ squares, bound and stacked neatly next to the recycling cart.