New Resident Checklist


First of all, Welcome to the Village of Wheeling and thank you for joining our community! On this page you'll find a list of informational items intended to help new Wheeling residents.


  • Don't forget to contact the Water Billing Department at 847-459-2607 to make sure the water and sewer services are registered under your name.
  • The Village of Wheeling does not have a vehicle window sticker program. You don't need to buy a vehicle sticker, but you do need to contact the Secretary of State's office and make sure that your vehicle's state registration contains your new address.
  • If you have a pet, the Village of Wheeling requires that you purchase an animal license. Contact the Finance Department for more details at 847-459-2600.
  • Per the Wheeling Municipal Code, Title 8, Section 8.70, every person, firm, or corporation who leases, uses, or owns an alarm system or is in control of premises where an alarm system is operated or maintained is required to obtain a user permit from the Finance Department.
    • Alarm system permits expire on April 30 of each year.
    • Payments for permit renewals are due by April 30. Late payments are subject to penalties.
    • For more information, email or call Community Development at
    • The alarm permit holder will be subject to additional charges for any alarm system that has five or more false alarms within a permit year.
  • If you're planning to do some house renovations or property improvements you should know that most of that work requires you to obtain a Village building permit.