Sign Requirements

A "sign" means any object, device, display or structure, or part thereof, used to advertise, identify, display or attract attention to a person, establishment, product, service or event by any means including, without limitation, words, letters, figures, designs, symbols, fixtures, colors, or illumination.

Types of Signs

The term "sign" includes (but is not limited to) every:
  • Awning
  • Canopy
  • Changeable copy sign
  • Freestanding sign
  • Illuminated sign
  • Marquee sign
  • Pennants
  • Projection sign
  • Streamers
  • Temporary sign
  • Window sign
  • Other attention-getting device or other display whether affixed to a building or erected elsewhere on the premises


The term "sign" excludes features of a building which are an integral part of the building's design and structure.

Situations Where a Sign Permit Is Required

A permit is required in order to erect, construct, enlarge, move or convert any sign or change the face of any existing sign in the Village, except that the following activities shall not require a permit:
  • Changing the message on a changeable copy sign;
  • Installation of signs specifically listed as exempt in sections 21.05.600 and 21.06.600 of the Sign Code
  • Normal maintenance of a sign for which a permit has been previously issued

Steps to Obtain a Sign Permit

  1. Before submitting an application for a sign permit it is strongly suggested that a copy of Title 21, Sign Code be reviewed for Village regulations regarding the size of individual signs, their location, and the total signage allowed.
  2. The applicant may then submit a Sign Permit Application (PDF). Along with the application, documents will be required in order for a review to be completed by the Zoning Administrator as to the sign's conformance with the requirements of the Sign Code. Drawings of the proposed sign will also be required for an appearance review by the Plan Commission.

Required Documents

  • Details - Drawings showing construction details including supports, electrical wiring and components, and method of attachment. (Design, quality, materials and wind load shall conform to all B.O.C.A. requirements.)
  • Drawings - Clear and legible drawings including a front and side view of the sign with a description of colors and materials, and showing the location of the sign and all other proposed or existing signs on the premises and their dimensions. For freestanding signs, landscape treatment must be shown for the base of the sign.
  • Location - If the sign is a freestanding sign, a recent survey of the property is required showing the centerline of the street or road with the right-of-way indicated and the location of the proposed sign. If the sign is a wall-mounted sign, an elevation of the building is required showing the location of the sign, and the dimension of the store front or building facade.
  • Owner - The name and address of the owner of the sign and the name and address of the owner of the property on which the sign will be displayed. If the owner of the sign is other than the owner of the property, a letter from the property owner granting permission for the sign installation.
After receipt of these items the Zoning Administrator will review the sign for conformance with the requirements of Title 21, Sign Code as to the type, size, and location of the sign.

Appearance Review Requirements

The Appearance Review by the Plan Commission will review the aesthetics of the sign before a permit is issued. The applicant should fill out an Application for Appearance Review (PDF) and consult the Appearance Review Process for more information. In general, thirteen prints for review by the Plan Commission showing the colors, size, and location of all signs, including construction and illumination details will be required for review.

Installing & Erecting the Sign

After approval by the Plan Commission, a sign permit must be obtained from the Community Development Department prior to commencing installation activities.

More Information

For further information, contact the Community Development Department at 847-459-2620.