Site Plan Review

A site plan is a drawing or plan drawn to scale that shows uses and structures proposed for a particular parcel of land as required by the Wheeling Zoning Code. A site plan review is the process whereby the Plan Commission and staff review the plans of a developer to assure that they:
  1. Meet the stated purposes and standards of the zone
  2. Provide for the necessary public facilities such as roads and utilities
  3. Protect and preserve topographical features and adjacent properties through appropriate siting of structures
  4. Ensure that the proposed development is in conformance with the general development and redevelopment plans of the Village

When a Site Plan Is Required

A site plan is required when a building, building addition, parking facility, change of use or special use is proposed for property in the following zones:
  • B-1 Planned Shopping Center District
  • B-2 Neighborhood Commercial District
  • B-3 General Commercial District
  • PDD Planned Development District
  • R-4 Multiple-Family Residential District
  • MXT Transit Oriented Mixed Use District
  • MXC Commercial/Residential Mixed Use District
  • MXO Open Space/Residential Mixed Use District
  • MXI Industrial Mixed Use District
Additional information may be required depending on the specifics of the site.

What Must Be Shown On the Site Plan

The site plan is intended to show the proposed use and appurtenant facilities to be in conformance with the Wheeling Zoning Code. Site plans must show the location and arrangement of buildings, parking areas, walks, lighting and appurtenant facilities. All areas not used for buildings, parking and access, must be indicated as landscaped areas. The site plan must be drawn to scale and show the following items in accordance with Village Codes and Standards:
  • Address of site
  • All appurtenant facilities
  • All buildings within 50 feet of the site's boundaries
  • All property and street pavement lines
  • All proposed buildings and existing buildings to remain
  • Dimensions
  • Driveways
  • Gross area of tract stated in square feet
  • Location of fences or screening
  • Location of landscaping areas
  • Location of lighting
  • Location of signs (existing and proposed)
  • Parking areas with marked stalls
  • Points of ingress and egress
  • Scale and north arrow
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian ways
  • Streets and driveways within 100 feet of the site's boundaries
If the proposed development is a restaurant, a floor and seating plan must be provided.

Beginning of the Site Plan Review Process

The site plan review process begins when the petitioner has completed an Application for Site Plan Review and has submitted all other necessary applications for special use, subdivision, variations or rezoning. A complete site plan must accompany the application for Site Plan Review before staff will review the proposal for conformance with the Village's ordinances and codes. No meeting or public hearing date will be scheduled until all requirements of the application are complete.

Site Plan Review

The site plan will be reviewed by the staff, the Plan Commission, and ultimately the Village Board for final review and approval.

Number of Prints Required

The petitioner will be responsible for providing 8 prints of the initial site plan at the time the application is submitted. Upon review by staff, the petitioner may be asked to make changes to the site plan prior to it being sent to the Plan Commission. Thirteen corrected copies of the site plan must then be submitted for the Plan Commission's review. Upon approval, the Plan Commission's recommendations must then be incorporated into the site plan prior to it being forwarded to the Corporate Authorities for final action. Thirteen copies will be needed for final Village Board action. A total of 34 copies will be needed with revisions made as necessary through the review process.

When Construction Starts

After final approval by the Village Board of Trustees, construction permits must be obtained from the Community Development Department prior to the start of any construction or installation activity.

More Information

For further information, contact the Community Development Department at 847-459-2620.