Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement 

The Property Maintenance Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Village’s Property Maintenance Code. The purpose of the code is to ensure that residential, commercial, and industrial property is maintained in good condition to ensure the safety of the public, and to protect the character of Wheeling’s neighborhoods, industrial parks, and commercial areas. The Village’s municipal inspectors investigate complaints to determine if a violation is present, and then work with property owners and businesses to correct the issue.

The Village seeks to address code enforcement issues first and foremost through voluntary compliance. Most complaints are fully addressed without fines or an appearance at an administration adjudication hearing. A Notice of Violation is sent through the mail or left on a door hanger at the property. The Notice will describe the violation and provide a time period for the property owner to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved by the time of the reinspection, the Village will issue a formal citation. The formal citation may be an Administrative Citation (a ticket that includes a fine) or an Administrative Hearing Citation (a ticket that is accompanied by a summons to appear at an administration adjudication hearing).    

Adjudication Hearings 

Any person receiving a Summons Notice for an Administrative Adjudication hearing for a Code Violation must appear before a Hearing Officer at the Village of Wheeling.

The Village of Wheeling conducts Administrative Adjudication Hearings twice per month at Village Hall as an alternative to Rolling Meadows Circuit Court. These local Adjudication Hearings create a more efficient and practical way to enforce the Village’s municipal ordinances including violations concerning property maintenance and building codes.

These local hearings also reduce time and expenses for travel to and from court for property owners and businesses, and reduce repeat offenses through prompt compliance. Administrative Adjudication hearings are civil proceedings and all persons found liable may only be fined and/or ordered to comply with Village codes. Defendants are required to make an appearance at the hearing, and a default liable judgment will be entered if there is no one present for the scheduled hearing date. Please note: all defendants are welcome to have an attorney present for the hearing. However, if the defendant is a registered LLC, the State statutes require that an attorney be present.

For additional information regarding Administrative Adjudication hearings please contact Serena Ivaldi  at (847) 499-9048.