AquaHawk Alerting

AquaHawk Alerting is a FREE service for Village of Wheeling water customers. You can monitor your water usage, view your projected water bills, and receive updates through e-mail, text, or telephone when your consumption indicates abnormal usage. View the AquaHawk Alerting PDF - register now and begin monitoring your water usage !

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Answers to some of the more frequently asked AquaHawk questions are below. For additional assistance using AquaHawk, or to answer other questions you may have, click here. If you need further assistance please contact water billing at 847-459-2607 or email:

AquaHawk FAQ's

1)  How does AquaHawk work?
AquaHawk incorporates consumption data from our Automated Meter Reading system and account and rate information from our utility billing system. It offers a password-protected website where you can access this information, see your usage, and perform a variety of useful functions. Every time AquaHawk receives consumption data from the AMR system, it analyzes that data to identify abnormal use and potential leak patterns.

2)  How often does AquaHawk update with new reads?
The meter at your home or business records reads every hour. These reads are periodically sent to our Automated Meter Reading system software. AquaHawk receives new reads from our Automated Meter Reading system software every six hours, approximately.

3)  How do I receive alerts through email AND text?
The AquaHawk system currently needs to have a registered user for each type of notification. The workaround is to register two email addresses for your account, set one to receive phone alerts and one to receive email alerts. An upcoming AquaHawk feature will allow a single registered user to get multiple notifications.

4)  How do I view my usage for the current billing period?
It’s simple! Select the 365 days view on the graph. Left click and hold your mouse on the first day of the billing period and drag across to the final day of the billing period before releasing your mouse click. The graph will then update to the 60 day period you have selected.

5)  How do I link multiple accounts to the single login that I created?
Create your login and link your first account. Once you are signed in, just click the down arrow in the upper right corner and select register accounts. Follow the same procedures you used to link your first account.  If you have a large number of accounts to link, contact us at (847) 459-2607. Village staff can work with AquaHawk to add numerous accounts to one login.

6) How can I verify these reads are from my meter?
Click the export button in the center of the screen and then click download to export your current day’s meter reads. The last column in the resulting Microsoft Excel worksheet (Water Reading) will provide the readings our system picks up directly from your meter. Compare the most recent available read to the number on the meter itself. The number on your meter should be slightly larger.

7) What do the numbers on the top right of the graph mean?

The example below should answer your question:

209M Gallons (39 min, 5,725 avg, 26.1k max)

Usage over time period selected
Daily or hourly minimum use in 1,000 units (for the period selected)
Average daily or hourly use (for the period selected)
Daily or hourly maximum use in 1,000 units (for the period selected)