Recycling Event

Residential Document Recycling Event

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the Solid Waste Agency of Cook County (SWANCC) and Village of Wheeling is hosting a document destruction (shredding) recycling event at the Department of Public Works, 77 W. Hintz Road, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. There is NO ELECTRONIC WASTE COLLECTION.

Residents from Wheeling and other Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) communities are eligible to participate. Materials will not be accepted from non-SWANCC residents, businesses, schools or institutions. IDs will be checked for verification of residency and those residents not in a SWANCC community will be re-directed to an exit.

To ensure a successful event, please read the below requirements. If paper is not prepared correctly, residents will not be able to participate and will be requested to exit the event. 

  • Residents are limited to six (6) file-size boxes or paper grocery bags of “sensitive documents”. Sensitive documents include medical records, retired tax records, financial planning or documents with personal information, etc.  
  • Paper/documents must be dry, clean and loose – not in binders or folders.
    • Remove all metal clips. Staples only are acceptable.
    • Remove all plastic covers or binders.
  • Documents must be contained in the trunk of the vehicle for accessibility. (See below safety guidelines).
  • NO magazines, newspapers, junk mail/ads/coupons, greeting cards, store receipts, photos, books.
  • NO x-ray, photos or family albums, photo negatives, plastic credit or gift cards, plastic covers from check books or similar.
  • Absolutely NO plastic bags!
  • Boxes will be returned to residents.

 Additionally, new safety guidelines will be in effect for this event:

  • Place your documents in your trunk.  Onsite staff will remove documents from vehicle trunks and place them in toters that will be emptied into a shredding truck where the documents will be cross-shedded.
  • Residents are not allowed to exit vehicles, or stay or park onsite to observe documents being shredded.
  • Please hold your pet back if you have your windows open when onsite with staff
  • Site/event coordinator may refuse service if a resident fails to comply with the Safety Guidelines.

In anticipation of high participation, residents should expect delays, or longer waiting times, during the event. It is recommended that residents arrive no later than 11 am to ensure participation. The event will conclude promptly at NOON.

Documents will be placed in a toter and, once toters are full, will be loaded into a shredding truck onsite. The paper will be cross-shredded, baled and recycled.

Please contact Public Works at 847-279-6900 with any questions, or for additional electronic and document destruction events scheduled by SWANCC, visit or contact 847-724-9205.