2020 Longtree Basin Expansion

General Information

Tentative Start Date: May 2020
Tentative Completion Date: September 2020
Bid Opening: April 22, 2020
Project Manager: Jon Tack
Contractor: Pan-Oceanic Construction, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount: $691,275.00
Funding Sources: Storm Water Fund

Project Information


This Project Includes:  The Longtree Basin is approximately 2.7 acres in size and accommodates approximately 7 acre feet of water storage.  This project will increase the storage capacity to approximately 12.5 acre feet substantially assisting in the management of storm water flow during severe rain events. 

Project Updates

5.29.2020 - Tree removal in the project location is ongoing.  Village and its representatives are making efforts to save as many trees as possible. 

6.19.2020 - Project delayed due to ongoing permit review by MWRD.

6.26.2020 - Staff recently met with MWRD to discuss permitting requirements.   Staff expects to receive MWRD’s approval in the near future with construction to resume shortly after.

7.02.2020 - Village continue to wait for a permit to proceed with construction work from the MWRDGC.

7.10.2020 - MWRDGC permit has been received.  Contractor to mobilize next week.  

7.17.2020 - The contractor is delivering and mobilizing equipment, with erosion control and tree removal work starting on Monday morning, weather permitting.

7.24.2020 – Tree removal has been completed.  Storm sewer installation in the basin is ongoing.  Storm sewer work between Russetwood Court and Longtree Lane is tentatively scheduled for late next week, weather permitting. 

7.31.2020 - Storm sewer pipe and structure installation continued this week. Next week, storm sewer pipe and structure installation will be completed, and removal of existing storm sewer pipe will take place, followed by basin mass grading. 

8.7.2020 - Storm Sewer installation continued this week.  Next week, basin excavation is scheduled to begin.  Expect trucks along Longtree Drive to haul off the material.   

8.21.2020 - Basin excavation is ongoing.  

8.31.2020 - Basin excavation and rough grading is still taking place. 

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