ANNUAL Maintenance Projects

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are used on paved roadways to provide guidance and information to driver's and pedestrians.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is a method in which hot sealant is applied to cracks in the road. The main purpose of crack sealing is to prevent moisture from entering the cracks in the road. 

Sidewalk Improvements

Sections of sidewalk are replaced in certain areas of the Village. Areas are determined based on the amount of debilitation in the given area as well as budget allowances. 

Sewer Lining

The sewer liner offers no-dig technology which allows a liner to create a new pipe within the old pipe which allows for the rehabilitation of broken, cracked, leaking or failed pipes making this method highly effective. 

Manhole Rehabilitation

Structural rehabilitation and protective coatings offer a cost effective permanent seal against corrosion, infiltration and exfiltration. Manhole rehabilitation also takes less time then to replace the structures.

Sewer Root Control

Proactive maintenance program that entails applying a chemical-laden thick foam to sanitary sewer pipes to control root growth withing the pipe.

  1. Kevin Pelli

    Engineering Coordinator

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