IDOT Wolf Road Reconstruction Project

General Information

IDOT Letting March 6, 2020
Contractor Acura, Inc.
Project Manager: Glen Pennington, PE
Illinois Department of Transportation
Estimated Project Cost: $13,000,000.00
Work resumes March 22, 2021

Project Information


This Project Includes:
  • Total roadway and right of way reconstruction, including the replacement of the 2-lane asphalt road with a concrete 3-lane roadway. Existing drainage ditches will be replaced with underground storm water pipe. 
  • Modernization of 2 signals on Dundee Road and 1 signal on Wolf Road will be accomplished assisting emergency responses. These improvements include emergency vehicle preemption (EVP) devices on all signals, and permanent signal structures installed at Strong Street.
  • Repair of existing 5’ wide sidewalk and installation of additional sidewalk. 
  • The project will entail substantial construction activity including regrading within most of the existing right of way area, removal of all existing asphalt and roadway base material. Improvement of the roadway in an expedited way will require detouring southbound Wolf Road traffic, and incorporating a one-way traffic route northbound for approximately six (6) months due to the complicated nature of the project construction. After that 6 month period, a 2-way traffic pattern would resume for the balance of the project. Limited 2-way traffic would be allowed near major intersections during the 6 months. Southbound Wolf Road traffic during this period would be diverted with detour signage. 

Project Limits: Milwaukee Ave South to just North of Hintz Road

Project Schedule: 2020-2022

Project Updates:

4-23-21: As of Friday, May 14th access to westbound Strong Ave. from Wolf Rd. will be closed due to water main installation and construction. Access to Wolf Rd northbound from Strong Ave. on the west side of Wolf Rd. will also be closed. You can still access Wolf Rd. northbound from Strong Ave. on the east side of Wolf Rd. This closure is expected to last for 3 weeks. Mayer Ave. to the north will still remain open to provide access to the subdivision to the west. 

5-28-21: Delays in construction have pushed the water main work on Strong and Wolf Rd. until June 7th. This work is expected to last 2-3 weeks. Updates will be provided as the project moves forward.

9-22-21: Phase 1 of the Wolf Rd. project will be complete within the next 2-3 weeks. Below is a tentative schedule for roadway openings and closures along the Wolf Rd. corridor north of Dundee Rd.

-Meyerson Way is expected to reopen on September 23rd.
-Picardy Lane is now required to remain closed until Phase 1 of this project is complete which is expected the second week of October.
-Strong Avenue is expected to reopen on September 27th. 
-Mayer Avenue will be closed when Strong Avenue is opened in order to maintain sufficent access to the adjacent neighborhood. 

Below is an exhibit outlining these scheduling changes.

Wolf Road Road Closure Exhibit

10-8-2021:  Phase 2 Traffic Switch on Wolf Road will take place in the afternoon on Friday, October 8, 2021.

-Phase 2 of IDOT's Wolf Road Reconstruction Project is expected to begin October 8th, weather depending.  If rain continues to delay, it will be pushed off a day at a time until clear weather allows the switch to take place. Phase 2 will allow traffic to flow freely one line in each direction (north and south) on Wolf Road.  All residential and commercial driveways will either have permanent or temporary access to Wolf Road.  Towards the end of October additional underground utility work is expected to start at Strong Avenue and East Manchester Drive.  Additional notices will be provided once that schedule is known.
-All side streets will be opened during the beginnning of Phase 2.  This includes Picardy Land and Mayer Ave.
-Strong Avenue will remain completely open.  Towards the end of October expect closures on the east side of Strong Avenue at Wolf Road for water main and storm sewer work.  Additional notice will be provided when this schedule is better known.
Click here to download the IDOT Wolf Road Phase 2 Traffic Configuration (PDF)



IDOT Wolf Road Reconstruction Notice

PACE ROUTE 234 Wolf Road Detour Notice - Effective March 22, 2021


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