2022 Buffalo Creek Streambank Stabilization Design

General Information

Tentative Start Date: February 2022
Tentative Completion Date: Fall 2022
Project Manager: Kevin Pelli
Engineering Consultant: Hampton Lenzini and Renwick Inc. (HLR)
Funding Sources: Storm Sewer Capitol Improvement Funds

Project Information: 

The Village of Wheeling is undergoing a streambank stabilization project for Buffalo Creek between Northgate Parkway and Dundee Rd. The stabilization project will repair areas of the creek banks that have eroded away and will also reduce sediment caused by erosion of the streambanks, and provide native habitat with a native vegetated buffer to the creek - which will improve water quality throughout the Buffalo Creek watershed.

Project Updates: 

02-04-22: In the next week or two the Village's consulting engineer, Hampton Lenzini and Renwick Inc. (HLR) will have a surveying crew out to take measurements of the creek in the stretch between Northgate Parkway and Dundee Rd. This surveying will include the creek itself, the streambanks, and all areas within the 80' drainage easement along this corridor. This may bring the surveyor onto your property to collect measurements. The surveying should only last for a couple of days.