Is there a fee charged for emergency medical and/or ambulance service?

Yes, the current fee is based upon an average of regional ambulance service rates and varies based upon the overall complexity of the medical services provided. Patients who refuse service and are not transported to a local hospital are not charged for the service.  However, fees are charged for individuals who utilize the Fire Department's services for invalid assists (ex. lifting off of the floor) and have no medical basis for their call for emergency service. Ambulance fees are charged regardless if the patient is a resident or non-resident of the community.

A third party billing company, hired by the Village of Wheeling, handles billing for ambulance service. Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Part B, and/or private medical insurance payments are accepted as payment in full for all charges. Patients are responsible for paying any amount of the ambulance bill that is applied to their insurance deductible or any amount not covered by an insurance settlement, much like a standard physician's fee. Ambulance fees cannot be waived for those individuals who choose to not have medical insurance or who choose to purchase medical insurance policies with high deductibles  These are personal choices and therefore, the individual is solely responsible for their ambulance bill.  Ambulance bills are charged to patients receiving medical care by the Fire Department regardless of who specifically calls for ambulance service.

For questions regarding medical billing, contact the telephone number that appears on your bill or call the Fire Department at 847-459-2662 (M-F; 08:00 am - 04:30 pm).

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