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Wheeling Police Department Community Survey

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  4. Thank you for completing this survey. Your observations and comments are very important to us. Your responses are essential in providing useful information about crime activity in Wheeling and how services to our residents can be improved. If you have any additional thoughts or concerns, please contact the Wheeling Crime Prevention Unit at 847-459-2994 or
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  6. 1. How long have you lived in Wheeling, Illinois *
  7. 2. What type of building do you occupy?*
  8. 3. Please indicate whether the person completing this survey is:*
  9. 4. What is your age?*
  10. 5. How many times have you had contact with the Wheeling Police Department in the past 12 months?*
  11. 6. If you had contact, what was it for? (Choose all that apply)*
  12. Please select the response that most accurately reflects your opinion for each statement: *
  13. 7. I feel safe in my home or business.*
  14. 8. I feel safe walking in my neighborhood.*
  15. 9. The police presence in my neighborhood is appropriate.*
  16. 10. Wheeling Police Officers respond to calls in a timely manner.*
  17. 11. Traffic enforcement in the Village of Wheeling meets the needs of the community.*
  18. 12. Officers and employees are knowledgeable and competent in the performance of their duties.*
  19. 13. The Wheeling Police Department provides appropriate community education and outreach programs.*
  20. 14. The Wheeling Police Department makes appropriate use of social media.*
  21. 15. Officers and employees are professional and respectful.*
  22. 16. The overall performance of the Wheeling Police Department meets my expectations.*
  23. 18. Please indicate where you get information about what is taking place in Wheeling. (Choose all that apply)*
  24. 20. Would you like a member of the Wheeling Police Department to contact you?*
  25. If yes, please provide your phone number and email address below:
  26. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey !
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