Backflow Assemblies & Testing

Backflow Prevention Assembly
Because of the risk of contamination, such systems typically require the installation and proper maintenance of a backflow prevention assembly.
A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical device that prevents water from flowing backwards.

Common Assemblies
Common types assemblies are a:
  • Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Valve
  • Testable Double-Check Valve
Testing Backflow Assemblies
Assemblies must be tested when installed and once a year thereafter. Any licensed plumber who is certified by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency as a Cross Connection Device Inspector (CCDI) is acceptable. It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay testing and any required repairs to the backflow device. The tester is responsible for returning the original, signed test reports to BSI, Inc., either by mail or email of a high-quality scan. The test reports must be submitted within 5 calendar days of the test date. Testers should provide their customers with proof that the forms have been submitted as required.

Failing to Get an Assembly Tested
If assembly test results are not received by the end of the month in which testing is required, BSI, Inc. (the company hired to manage the backflow inspection program in Wheeling) will send you a 2nd notice requiring testing within 30-days. If you do not have your backflow prevention assembly tested, further action will include citations, with a minimum fine of $50 and a maximum daily fine of $500 per day, and potentially the termination of water service until the required actions have taken place.