Public Hearings

A public hearing is a meeting, the subject, date, time and location of which has been made known through publication and, when appropriate, the posting of a sign on the property which is the subject of the hearing.


A public hearing is conducted before the Plan Commission in a formal manner and according to Roberts Rules of Order. The purpose of a public hearing is to provide a forum for the review and discussion of development and redevelopment requests, which allows for the input of the general public, as well as that of Village officials, staff, and the party making the request.

When a Public Hearing Is Required

The following is a list of development requests which require public hearings with the Plan Commission:
  • Amendment to Title 19
  • Rezoning
  • Site Plan Review in Multiple Family Residential and Planned Developments
  • Special Use
  • Variation to Title 17 (Subdivision)
  • Variation to Title 19 (Zoning)
  • Variation to Title 21 (Signs)

Meeting Time & Location

The public hearings are scheduled before the Plan Commission as follows:

Court Reporter

The Village of Wheeling does not provide services for a court reporter at the Plan Commission public hearings. Any petitioner wishing to have a court reporter present may do so at his own expense.

Public Notice Given

Once a complete application for a public hearing item is on file with the Community Development Department, a Notice of Public Hearing is forwarded to the Wheeling Herald for publication. This notice must be published at least 15 days in advance of the hearing date. In cases involving a particular property, that site must be posted with a sign at least 15 days in advance of the public hearing date. The sign is posted by Public Works personnel.

Affidavit of Compliance

Petitioner must provide written notice as required under Sections 19.13.050. An Affidavit of Compliance certifying this requirement has been fulfilled must be in the docket file prior to the hearing.

Conducting of a Plan Commission Public Hearing

Once a public hearing docket has been opened by the Plan Commission, the hearing proceeds as follows:
  1. The Community Development Department staff makes a brief presentation regarding the item under discussion.
  2. The petitioner then makes a brief presentation regarding his/her request.
  3. The floor is then opened for comments from the audience.
  4. The petitioner is given the opportunity to rebut any objections to the request.
  5. The public input portion of the hearing is then closed, and the Plan Commission enters into deliberation upon the request.
  6. Once the Plan Commission arrives at a position, they forward their findings of fact and recommendation to the Village Board of Trustees for final action.

When Construction Starts

After final approval by the Village Board of Trustees, construction permits must be obtained from the Department of Community Development prior to the start of any construction or installation activity.

More Information

For further information, contact the Community Development Department at 847-459-2620.