Ray Lang

Board of Trustees
Title: Trustee
Phone: 847-499-9236
Ray Lang

About the Trustee
  • Birthplace: Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • Family: Wife Debbie, daughter Lauren and sons Andy and Nick
  • Occupation: Creative/print marketing director
  • Education: Wheeling High School and Southern Illinois University. Studied journalism, advertising and marketing with a minor in state and local government.
  • I’ve lived in Wheeling since: Other than college, I have lived in Wheeling all of my life.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Take pride in our home and work hard to keep our yard nice.
  • For me the most important thing about being an appointed official is continuing to make Wheeling a better place. Work to redevelop outdated uses of property to bring in better amenities to the residents.
  • My favorite Village event (was): Wheeling’s Beer and Brat fest in the late 60s early 70s. It was a simpler time when communities just all came together. Hard as you try, busy schedules today make it difficult to recreate those types of community events.
  • My favorite place in Wheeling is: the great choices of restaurants and my own backyard. We have traveled around the world but never miss an opportunity to just be home with our family.
  • When I’m not working, I like to: hang out at home with my family, grill out and enjoy the great life I have. OK, that also means working in the yard.
  • I belong to: St. Mary’s Parish.
  • In the next ten years, I see Wheeling changing in the following ways: Redevelopment of old, tired property to include more shopping and restaurants residents can walk or bike to. Extend our population demographics to match what retailers look for when they locate shopping in communities.
  • Person who has influenced me the most throughout my life: My father, Al Lang, was a Wheeling Trustee in the early 70s. I was always very proud of him as a trustee and wanted to give back to my community as well. I see the same pride in my children as I was sworn into office. I hope they too continue to serve their communities.
  • The accomplishment I am most proud of is: Along with my wife Debbie, raising a great family.
  • Before I was Trustee I spent 11 years on Wheeling’s Zoning Board of Appeals and the past nine on the combined Wheeling Plan Commission. Also during college I worked summers for Wheeling’s Water Department. I changed a lot of water meters, fixed a lot of late-night water main breaks and painted every fire hydrant in Wheeling from red to lime green and back to red again. As a part time village employee, I found our village is lucky to have such hard working employees there when you need them most. I know Wheeling very well!

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