Drain Tile Installation

Before Installing Drain Tile

No Drain Tile is to be installed until:
  1. Foundation wall poured and all forms stripped.
  2. All exterior wall ties are removed.
  3. All the holes are tarred over.
  4. All honeycombs are patched and tarred over.
  5. Footings are dry and swept clean.
  6. Walls and tops of footings damp-proofed.

Installation Steps & Tips

After prework is completed, drain tile may be installed.
  • Top of drain tile to be installed at or below the area to be protected, ordinarily placed at the bottom of the footing level, on top of a minimum 2 inch washed gravel bed (IRC Section R-405.1).
  • Cover with washed gravel (no pea gravel) at least 1 foot beyond outside edge of the footing and 6 inches above the top of the footing (IRC Section R-405.1).
  • Cover with a filter membrane material, such as red rosin paper or building paper, held tight to foundation wall. Cover or secure paper with dirt or stone to hold it in place during backfill (IRC Section R-405.1).
  • If a nylon sock covered drain tile is used, the filter membrane material is not required.
  • Window well drains shall have grates installed.
  • The vertical drain pipe shall be blocked out from the foundation wall with at least two 2 by 4s or approximately 3 inches. The pipe shall be installed as near the center of area well as possible.
  • All work shall be conducted, installed and completed in a workmanlike and acceptable manner so as to secure the results intended by the code.