Siding Replacement


  • Completed Permit Application Form (PDF)
  • Consumer Rights Form (must be completed by the General Contractor and the Homeowner before a permit will be issued)


The permit can be issued over the counter if all necessary forms are filled out.

Required Inspections

  • Final
  • Tyvek or Vapor Barrier

Work Not Requiring a Permit

Work on gutter, gables, soffit and facia only does not require a permit. These are considered "maintenance".

Section R703 Exterior Covering

  • R703.1 General. Exterior walls shall provide the building with a weather-resistant exterior wall envelope. The exterior wall envelope shall include flashing as described in Section R703.8. The exterior wall envelope shall be designed and constructed in such a manner as to prevent the accumulation of water within the wall assembly by providing a water-resistive barrier behind the exterior veneer as required by Section R703.2.
  • R703.2 Weather-resistant sheathing paper. Asphalt-saturated felt free from holes and breaks, weighing not less than 14 pounds per 100 square feet (0.683kg/m2) and complying with ASTM D 226 or other approved weather-resistant material shall be applied over studs or sheathing of all exterior walls as required by Table R703.4. Such felt or material shall be applied horizontally, with the upper layer lapped over the lower layer not less than 2 inches (51 mm). Where joints occur, felt shall be lapped not less than 6 inches (152 mm).