Satellite Dishes

Policy on the permitting and inspection of satellite dish installation and other antennae is based on regulations contained in Title 19, Zoning, of the Wheeling Municipal Code, and in our adopted 2017 National Electric Code as follows:
  • A dish permanently mounted on the ground is considered, by definition, an accessory structure. Section 19.08.100(d) (2) requires that any accessory structure be located a minimum of 6 feet from any side or rear property line and is not permitted in a required front yard.
  • Section 19.08.115 prohibits construction of any building or structure on an easement.
  • The fee (indicated below) for installation is based upon cost for an electrical inspection which is required under the 2017 NEC for either line or low voltage wiring.

Permit Application

A permit application (PDF) must be filled out with Plat of Survey attached showing the location and size of the satellite dish. It will be reviewed before issuing the permit. The 2017 National Electric Code will be followed.

Homeowners Association

If you belong to a Homeowners Association, it is necessary to abide by all Association regulations concerning dish installation.


  • Dish must be 6 feet away from side and rear property line.
  • Dish cannot be located on an easement.