Pool, Hot Tub & Spa

Location Requirements

  • 6 feet from the rear lot line
  • 6 feet from the side lot line
  • In no case can a pool be built on an easement
  • Pools are not permitted in the floodway
  • Shall comply with Chapter 41 and Appendix G - 2018 IRC Code

Electrical Lines

The overhead electrical lines shall be a minimum of 10 feet (horizontally) from the edge of the water. The underground electrical lines shall be a minimum of 5 feet (horizontally) from the edge of the water.

Pool Enclosure Requirements

A fence or wall with a minimum height of 4 (four) feet above grade must be installed around the entire yard or the perimeter of the pool with self latching, self-closing hardware on the gate with a lockable device.

Permit Requirements

The following is required to obtain a permit:
  • A completed Building Permit Application (PDF)
  • A plat of survey showing the exact pool size and location
  • Either the drawings for an in-ground pool or a brochure for an above-ground pool.

Electrical Work

If any electrical work other than plugging the pump and equipment into an existing exterior receptacle which is of the proper configuration, properly wired and ground fault circuit interrupter protected, then a licensed and bonded Electrician will be required to complete the work and must be listed on the permit application.

Locating Wires & Lines

We strongly suggest that you call JULIE (800-892-0123) before you dig to locate any underground wires. You should also call our Public Works Department at 847-279-6900 to locate any water or sewer line.